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Hillside Landscape is an authorized pond and water feature installer for Lurvey’s Landscape Supply, Town & Country, and Schwake Stone. We also use and recommend MicrobeLift products. Our pond designs are based on the principals of establishing a working ‘ecosystem’ within your pond to keep it clean and reduce maintenance.

We build natural ponds and water features that are able to support fish and other aquatic life. Our ponds are stepped to 24 inches deep with aquatic planting shelves at 6 to 8 inches and 12 to 18 inches deep. We build fish caves to provide fish protection and shelter. We also provide some small goldfish and plant the pond with appropriate water plants to start your perennial water garden. Most of our ponds run continuously through the winter.

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Water Features, Glenview

Our Ponds & Water Features include:

  • ‘Biofalls’ filter with filter media and a drain
  • Pond skimmer and pump housing
  • Pump with a 1-year warranty and optional automatic low water shut off
  • Underwater lights (Optional)
  • Fish and perennial aquatic plants to support the 'eco-system'
  • 2-inch plumbing lines for increased capacity (where appropriate)
  • 45-mil EPDM ‘fish safe’ rubber liner
  • 1 gallon Microbelift PL seed bacteria
  • Rock and gravel
The filters, plumbing lines, and liner are completely covered, leaving everything ‘mechanical’ hidden from sight above and below the water line. Normal pond maintenance is approximately 10 to 20 minutes per week. We honor all manufacturers’ warranties and guarantee our workmanship.

Pondless Waterfall

For those who want a water feature without the water, we also build beautiful ‘pondless’ waterfalls and streams. In a ‘pondless’ system, the water will cascade down the stream and falls and then ‘disappear’ into a rock garden. The sump reservoir and pump vault is usually built under and hidden by the rock garden. Water is continually re-circulated from the reservoir to the head of the stream. Other then the water in the stream, there is no open pond or pool of water. This system can be shut off when not in use and many of our pondless systems run on a timer.

The face of the stream and falls is usually accented with Wisconsin granite boulders; however depending on the customer’s taste, other rocks and outcroppings may also be used. A waterfall and stream provide a soothing sound heard from the patio or even open house windows. The waterfall burm is blended into the surrounding yard and accented with stone to provide a natural setting. The rubber liner will be covered with natural rock and gravel. The filters, plumbing lines, and liner will be completely covered, leaving everything ‘mechanical’ hidden from sight. Landscape plantings finish the job and create a natural looking water feature.

Pondless waterfalls are virtually maintenance free. Normal maintenance consists of checking the water level and keeping the stream and rock garden free from debris. Regularly running the water feature will aerate and clean the water. An algaecide is usually added to the water to prevent algae and bacteria growth.

A pondless waterfall is not designed to run in winter. Winterization consists pumping down (approximately ¼) the reservoir and removing the pump. The pump should be stored inside in a bucket of water to keep the seals from drying out. Simply reinstall the pump, clean and fill the reservoir, and plug it in to start your waterfall in spring.

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