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Landscape Lighting

We design and install Low Volt LED Landscape Lighting Systems to enhance the enjoyment and security of your home. Our goal is to create a portrait of your home and landscape with light. The essence of the 'portrait' is the effect the light has, not the fixture itself. Fixtures can be added or moved to accommodate future landscape changes, and the system can be operated from an app on your phone.

Landscape Lighting That Projects Elegance:

Our lighting systems are powered by a low-voltage transformer suitable for outdoor use. The transformer (light system) can be controlled by a timer or photocell, a switched outlet, or an iTimer Pro controller. This is a Bluetooth enabled controller that is blue tooth ready with an astronomical timer that allows the system to be controlled and programmed from an app on your smartphone.


We can convert older halogen lighting systems to LED using your existing fixtures and transformer. We can also add the iTimer Pro to most existing light systems.

Our lighting systems carry a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.  We guarantee our workmanship and warrant that there will be no overloads, no shorts, and that each bulb will be properly volted. LED bulbs are warranted for two years from date of installation.  All of our transformers are manufactured with stainless steel housings and are designed to withstand all outside elements.

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