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Ponds & Water Features

Hillside Landscape is an authorized pond and water feature installer for Lurvey Landscape Supply. Our pond designs are based on the principals of establishing a working ‘ecosystem’ within your pond to keep it clean and reduce maintenance.

We build natural ponds and water features that are able to support fish and other aquatic life. Our ponds are stepped to 24 inches deep with aquatic planting shelves at 6 to 8 inches and 12 to 18 inches deep. We build fish caves to provide fish protection and shelter. We also provide some small goldfish and plant the pond with appropriate water plants to start your perennial water garden. Most of our ponds run continuously through the winter.

We can also build 'pondless' water features that can include waterfalls and streams.  Water cascades down the stream and/or falls and ‘disappears’ into a rock garden.  The sump reservoir and pump vault are built under the rock garden, and water is continually re-circulated from the reservoir to the head of the falls and/or stream.  Other than the water in the stream, there is no open pond or pool of water.  This system can be shut off when not in use. The waterfall and stream will provide a soothing sound and can be blended into the surrounding yard and accented with granite boulders to provide a natural setting.  We cover the rubber liner with rock and gravel.   The plumbing, lines, and liner will be completely covered, leaving everything ‘mechanical’ hidden from sight. Contact us for more information.

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