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Snow Removal

Residential Snow removal:

We offer an upscale snow service that uses snow blowers and shovels rather than a truck mounted snow plow. Snow plows are quicker and more cost efficient, however, snow blowers and shovels will do a more thorough and complete job. For example, with snow blowers we are able to work around parked cars. We also shovel the front walk and stoop and apply ice melt as needed after snow shoveling. We use only rubber or plastic snow blades so your paver bricks are not scratched or chipped. Snow shoveling is performed whenever there is a one (1) inch or greater snowfall. Walkways and driveways will be shoveled once after each snowstorm. Ice melt will be applied once to the main pedestrian walkways and driveway if necessary after each snow shoveling.

Our residential snow removal is a limited offer, as we can only handle a limited number of residential accounts in a geographical area. Priority is given to our current landscape and snow customers. The cost is per season and payment is due up front December 1.


Commercial Snow removal:

We offer complete snow removal and ice management services for commercial, industrial, HOA, and residential properties. Services include plowing, salting, chemical deicer applications, shoveling, and snow relocation. Our phone lines are manned 24-7 during a snow or ice storm event. We use newer, well maintained equipment to prevent breakdowns, and we have adequate backup equipment should it be necessary. Our crews are well trained, prompt, and experienced. We offer per push, seasonal, and annual contracts.

Call 847-724-5688 or click for superior Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance.

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